I love half-frame cameras. They came to us from a time when analog photography was expensive. Their images have a look and feel that cannot be imitated by  digital emulation. I have a whole range of such cameras, from Olympus to Konica. There are also a few exotics like the Meisupi.
But my absolute love belongs to the Canon Demi EE 17.
I am absolutely not a Canon friend. I've never really been interested in their cameras.
It's strange.
Canon cameras are really good, right up to the edge of perfection. But they don't excite my interest as much as an Italian Closter Princess.
I have a few classics in my collection, of course the magnificent FTb and some Leica replicas that are of really good quality. I think some of them are better than original Leicas. Better viewfinder, better feel. Amazing.
But Canon never really touched me. With the exception of the EE 17, which has an almost erotic aura for me.
I almost always carry it with me. For me, it has the role that the Nikon FM had for Linda Eastman, without which she wouldn't even leave the house to buy bread rolls.
The feel of the EE 17 is fascinating, soft and tangible.
I love traveling the world with it.
My Canon Demi EE 17 was born in 1967, so it's only 9 years younger than me.
We are siblings of sorts.